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Products > Specialty Cleaners > Sales Lot / Fleet Washing

Spot-Free RO or DI Water Systems - the Ultimate Weapon against Spots….
RO - The Easy, Economical Way to Keep Your Lot Cars Clean!
SoBrite, the industry leader in portable car wash systems, makes it possible for one person to wash up to 200 vehicles a day for less than 30cents per vehicle. The results will amaze you. Spot-Free water is the key. NO need to wipe vehicle down after washing… let them air dry spot-free where they sit on the lot. Let one of our technicians do a cost analysis for your sales lot.

  • Choose from different models to match your volume capacity needs.

  • Add indoor electric model (2) to wash vehicles spot-free 12 months a year.

  • Optional water reclaim equipment available.

  • Optional trailer mounted water delivery available.

  • System can be connected to existing rollover car wash or rinse arch.

  • Offer complimentary service vehicle wash to enhance you CSI.

Spot-Free Water Production and Dual Delivery System
Model SL2MSF-2350-2055 Package or individual components.

1. Model SL2MSF
SPOT- FREE Rinse Package

"State-of-the-art" system's effective use of spot-free water allows you to clean your inventory and eliminate the need for time consuming hand drying, since all surfaces including glass, chrome and painted areas dry perfectly spot-free.
  • Automatic 1,800 gallon per day RO (Reverse Osmosis) water production Unit with S.S. console, gauges and pressure monitor.

  • Pretreatment Assembly 48,000 grain Commercial water softener with auto sensing regeneration & 1 cf carbon filter.

  • 550 gallon storage tank with S.S. Transfer pump.

2. Model 2350-ES
Wash Bay Package

High Pressure Electric Unit specifically designed for use with Spot-Free Rinse package. Hose Reel and all controls enclosed in a cabinet with stainless steel panels.
  • 3 different water sources.


  • Low voltage controls.

  • Vehicle Safe 1000 psi / 4 gpm high volume flow for fastest vehicle cleaning and turn around.

  • 3 hp TEFC 220v motor

3. Model 2055
Pickup Mount Portable

Gasoline Engine Driven Portable Delivery Unit was specifically designed for use with Spot-Free Rinse of Vehicle Sales Lot. NO need to move inventory - Wash 200 vehicles a day without moving and without hand drying.
  • 5.5 hp Honda engine.

  • with low oil safety alert.

  • Safe 1000 psi, 3.5 gpm.

  • 210 gallon - Low profile storage tank.

  • 100' hose on a hand rewind reel.

DI - For the Smaller Sales Lot!
De-Ionize water is an alternative to RO ( Reverse Osmosis ) for preventing water residue, film and spotting. Ideal for smaller sales lots or in applications where water quality is fairly good. Cost effectiveness diminishes as in very poor water area with high TDS or as size of sales lot increases. Let our technicians do a cost analysis for your individual sales lot.
Model JHS 4100
SoBrite DI Cart System

  • 5.5 HP Honda Engine with Low Oil Safety Shut-off.

  • 1000 psi / 3.5 gpm

  • Cat Pump - gear reduction.

  • Water quality monitoring with engine shut-off system.

  • 2 hand rewind hose reels.

  • 100' industrial grade incoming water hose.

  • 125' thermoplastic high pressure hose.

  • Trigger Gun.

  • Low Pressure Soap Injection.

  • Pump saver thermostatic dribble valve.

Keep Your Lot Inventory "Showroom" Clean.

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