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Cleaning Equipment was designed to save Time and Money, so it is very important that you choose the right model. Over-sizing can waste cleaning power and your cash assets, but under-sizing just for the sake of a cheaper price can waste time and labor cost can increase your cleaning expense.

Feel Free to contact us - as we can help you make an informed decision.
We can help work within your budget and application needs.

At some point in your decision you will need to process the following questions.

  1. Types of Washers -

  2. What Type of Equipment do I want to use?
    1. Hose and Brush

    2. Wash Sink style Parts Washer

    3. Cold Water Washer

    4. Hot Pressure Washer

    5. Steam Cleaner

    6. Combination Cleaner ( combines C, D, & E on single chassis )

    7. Cabinet Style Batch Parts Washer.

    8. Assembly line / Conveyor belt Washer.

  3. Soils Types -

  4. What am I trying to Remove?

    1. Mud, Earth Dirt - recommend Pressure Washer

    2. Medium Oil, grease, road grime - recommend HOT Pressure Washer

    3. Heavy Grease, Animal/Vegetable/Mineral based Oil, Honey, Tar, most Glue, Germs/Bacteria/Viruses - recommend Steam Cleaner

    4. Continually changing Applications - recommend Combination Cleaner.

  5. Object to be Cleaned -

  6. What am I trying to Wash?

    1. Size

    2. Configuration

    3. Sensitivity of Substrate

    4. Bonding of contaminate

  7. Power to Run Machine -

  8. What do I need to operate equipment?

    1. Electric Motor Drive

      1. Voltage

      2. Amperage requirements

      3. Plug configuration

    2. Gasoline Engine Drive

      1. Pull Start (rope)

      2. Electric Start ( key / battery )

    3. Diesel Engine

    4. Portable Generator - not recommended

  9. Power to Heat Water -

  10. How will I heat the Water?

    1. Oil Fired

      1. Kerosene, Diesel, Home Heating Fuel, JP-4

    2. Gas Fired

      1. Natural Gas

      2. Propane Gas

    3. Electric Heating Element

  11. Source of Water -

  12. Where will I get Water?

    1. City Water tap with Garden Hose

    2. Well Pump

    3. Portable Water Tank

  13. Cleaning Location -

  14. Portable vs. Stationary Equipment

    1. Wash Bay - stationary models require less attention. Allow remote installation with wash bay controls or multiple gun drops.

    2. Multiple / exterior building cleaning - Portable Gas Engine Oil Fired

    3. Multiple locations - Portable / Gas Engine / Trailer or Pickup Mounted

  15. Detergents to remove Soil -

  16. What Soap to use?

    Our Technicians can work closely with you to recommend the correct detergent.

    * Link to Chemical / Detergent

  17. Cleanliness Requirements -

  18. How Clean is acceptable?

    1. Surface clean - exterior washing for appearance.

    2. Deep / porous Clean - for service inspections / paint or coating adhesion

    3. Cutting Oil removal

    4. Sanitized Clean

    5. Spot Free Rinse - may require optional system.

    "Clean" is a relative term.
    Changing any one of the Basic 4 Cleaning Elements will greatly affect your desired end result. Critical to know before purchasing Equipment.

  19. Frequency of Cleaning Process -

  20. How often will I be using Equipment?

    1. Daily

    2. Occasionally

    3. Length of Washing process

    Increasing the size / volume of machine will generally increase the speed of cleaning. Obviously a higher labor rate along with frequency of cleaning can reduced operational cost by choosing a larger model machine.

  21. Budget -

  22. What do I expect to Spend?

Every Customer NEEDS to be an Educated Purchaser.
Gamco Technicians are available to assist YOU in the process.

A Cheap washer off the shelf May Not be your most Economical choice!

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