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HPJ - Hypressure Jenny Washers
Best applications are on non-oily earth dirt and dusts where soil can be removed by utilizing the "Abrasive impact" of pressurize water off of a hardened surface. Commonly known as Hydro Blasters these machines are used to wash down mud from construction equipment, cleaning sidewalks, parking lots, swimming pools, or cutting through clogged tubes.

HPW - Hot Pressure Washers.
Most beneficial on oil based dirt where the goal is cleaning large areas - quickly. Abrasive impact of a Hydro Blaster combined with Hot Water will speed the cleaning process. Not as thorough as Steam - but faster when surface clean is good enough. Applications include washing vehicles, buildings, machinery, engines, conveyors, floors or walls with time saving efficiency.

SJ - Steam Jenny Cleaners.
Deep Penetrating Clean. Steam is what you need when cleaning grease, animal oil, and mineral contaminates or any place where the soil can be dissolved by heat. Steam Sanitizes killing most germs. Cleaning is done at lower pressures but with higher temperatures - resulting in less backsplash and less waste water. Used to melt Frozen Pipes and culverts, honey, tar and most glues, as well as, killing weeds and unwanted roots.

C - Jenny Combination Cleaners.
Most Versatile Cleaner on the market - giving operator total control, with the flip of a switch, what type of cleaner will work best for any given cleaning application. Best when used on any of the above applications.

SFW - Spot Free Water.
Processing and Delivery systems eliminate unsightly spotting after cleaning and eliminate the need for labor intensive hand drying.

TMW - Trailer Mounted Washers.
Custom assembled for Mobile Contract Cleaners or Dealers Sales Lots. These compact units are ideal for remote area cleaning.

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