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Products > Specialty Cleaners > Parts Washers

Cabinet Style Parts Washers - Heated Aqueous-based Parts Cleaning

Fully Enclosed Hot Pressure Parts Washer, Environmentally Safe and Cost Effective way to clean. These Parts Washers use water and bio-degradable detergents to AUTOMATICALLY clean the dirtiest parts in just minutes.

Think of it as an " Industrial Dishwasher " only for parts. Why wash by hand when a machine can free your labor for more productive jobs. Unlike a home machine these parts washers filter and recirculate the hot soapy water - stretching supply cost and reducing amount of waste water.

Conveyorized Style - Multi-Stage Pass-Through Aqueous Parts Washing Systems

Ideal for high volume parts washing in a manufacturing setting. Technicians are available to work closely with you to design any parts washing system to meet your specific application.

Stages may included any combination of the following:

    * Wash,
    * Fresh water Rinse,
    * Recirculation Rinse,
    * Deionized Rinse,
    * Phosphatizing Rinse,
    * House Air Dry,
    * Regenerative Air Dry,
    * Radial Blade Fan Dry, or
    * Heated Dry.

    Customized for your individual operation.

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