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Products > Specialty Cleaners > Steam Boiler Gun

Steam Boiler Gun

Steam Boiler Cleaning Gun
Convert your Boiler or Generator Steam Supply to a Steam Cleaner and Sanitizer.
Jenny Double Duty Steam Cleaning Gun can be used anywhere a 40-200 p.s.i.g. steam supply is available. More importantly, it converts "Dry" boiler or generator steam to a high-impact vapor cleaning spray, with efficiency comparable to a steam cleaner.

A specially designed "internal-orifice" gun nozzle system, siphons detergent or chemical solutions and blends them with steam at the rate of 0-180 gallons per hour. Two finger-tip control valves regulate metering, a balanced combination of heat, pressure, water and detergent is maintained to loosen and emulsify dirt and grease and flush it away.

Steam Cleaning Gun Up To 180 GPH OUTPUT Rate of siphoning ( gun output in gallons per hour ) is proportional to the steam supply pressure. Output can be varied by adjusting steam and solution valves on steam cleaning gun.

The chart shows operating characteristics of the Double Duty Steam Cleaning Gun using 90% quality steam at pressures from 40 to 200 p.s.i.g., with gun valves fully opened.

Steam Cleaning Gun Chart
Jenny Double Duty Steam Cleaning Gun

Fully Self-Contained

It does not require the use of coils, motor or injection pumps. Simply connect a steam supply hose to one gun fitting and a suction hose to the other. Presto! You're ready to clean.

Easy to Use
Cleaning is easy with the Double Duty Gun, and convenient too. Its insulated cool-barrel handle provides a comfortable grip while the rubber covered rear grip adds balance. The overall length is just right for reaching hard to clean cracks and crevices, but not too long to be cumbersome.

Constructed of chrome-plated steel tubing, and equipped with brass valves, it requires virtually no maintenance.

Accessories are available for use with the Double Duty Steam Cleaning Gun that add even greater convenience.

  • Special High Temperature Steam Hose 25' or 50' length

  • Water Float Valve Kit converts a 30 - 55 gallon drum to a soap dispenser

  • Cleaning Compounds - choice of 11 blends for specific application.

  • Three way Inlet Adaptor.

  • Foot Valve and Strainer for siphoning hose allows steady flow of solution

  • " diameter 50' length of industrial grade water hose.

Steam Cleaning Gun
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