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Products > Ventilation / Exhaust Fans

Industrial Warehouse Ventilation / Exhaust Fans

Direct Drive Fan
Jenny Direct Drive Fans the 12" to 24" direct drive fans meet all OSHA specifications. Ideal for all commercial and domestic facilities.

Belt Drive Fan
Jenny Belt Drive Fans. from 24" to 36". Rugged, long lasting belt driven ventilation units are designed to move large volumes of air economically.

Explosion Proof Fan
Jenny Explosion Proof Fans. Rugged, 16" to 24" these explosion proof fans are equipped with a spark resistant polypropylene blade. All models feature totally enclosed explosion proof motors and are designed for years of worry-free operation. These units conform to all OSHA specifications.

Tube Axial Fan
Jenny 24" Tube Axial Fans. The Jenny belt driven tube axial fans are designed to quickly exhaust fumes, smoke, dust, abrasive and corrosive atmospheres.

Jenny Portable Ejector Fans. The portable ejector fan is a rugged and simple device designed to control ventilation by either exhausting air out or forcing fresh air in. Areas of application range from farm and industry to fire and emergency police.

Fan Accessories. Increases performance and protection of exhaust systems.

Guide to Proper Fan Selection. Choose the correct size for your application.

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