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Products > Ventilation / Exhaust Fans > Fan Selection Guide

Guide to Proper Fan Selection

General Considerations:
  1. The AIR FLOW PATH is controlled causeing the air to move through the area you wish to ventilate. This is done by proper placement of the fan and air inlets. If possible, the fan should not be mounted on the weather side of the building. Also, the fan and air inlets should be mounted on opposite sides of the area to be ventilated, to draw fresh air through.

  2. SUFFICIENT INLET area must be provided. It is recommended that one square foot of inlet area be provided for each 750 C.F.M. of fan capacity.

  3. EXPLOSION PROOF FAN styles should be used in combustibles atmospheres.

Industrial Ventilation:
  1. Determine CUBIC FEET of AREA to be ventilated. (CF equals L x W x H).

  2. Determine the NUMBER of MINUTES REQUIRED to produce a complete air exchange.

  3. Recommended Air Exchange:
    Meeting Halls 3 - 10 minutes Welding Shop 1 - 5 minutes
    Warehouses 5 - 10 minutes Laundry 1 - 3 minutes
    Garage 5 - 10 minutes Foundry 2 - 8 minutes
    Machine Shop 5 - 10 minutes Compressor Room 1 - 5 minutes
    Boiler Room 1 - 3 minutes Painting Room 1 - 3 minutes
    Note : If comfort cooling is required - use the lower figure.

  4. Calculate CUBIC FEET per MINUTE (CFM) required by dividing the number of minutes for air change, from step 2, into the cubic feet of area to be ventilated.

  5. Example : A garage is to be ventilated that has 15,000 cubic feet. From the chart, it has been determined that an air change should take place every 5 minutes.

    C.F.M.    =
       Cubic Feet         =
    Air Change Rate     
    =   3,000 C.F.M.

  6. Consideration should be taken for STATIC PRESSURE ( S.P.). Static pressure, simply put, is a measurement of resistance against air moving through the system. If a shutter is used with a fan, it will create 0.125" of static pressure. If a shutter were used in the example in example above, the fan capacity required would be 3,000 C.F.M. at .125 S.P. If duct work or other restrictions are to be used, their restrictions must be allowed for.

  7. Review available installation accessories for ease of installation and economical shipping.

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